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Barn & Stalls

Our facilities at FarmHill include 40 box stalls ranging in size from 10x12 to 10x20.  The configuration of our main barn offers a maximum of the “look around” opportunities that horses love - all stalls have large windows facing out to our pastures and arenas, as well as windowed stall doors facing our indoor arena. 

Paddocks & Turnout

We know that the happiness of your horse depends on many things – including adequate turnout. That’s why we take great care in managing our turnout schedule:

• Daily turnout in a rotating assortment of large grass or sand paddocks. 

• Eight hours of turnout a day in the dry months (May through November) and four hours a day in the wet months (December through April).

• Sand paddocks are used exclusively in the wet months to minimize winter afflictions like mud fever.

• Compatible horses are turned out in pairs whenever possible to meet your horse's need for social interaction. A horse will be turned out solo only if we don't find a safe partner.

• During the very hot weather of July and August, horses are turned out at night and brought in to enjoy their cool and breezy stalls during the day.

• Changes of horse attire for all seasons (blankets, sheets, boots and fly masks) are included in your board.

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Hay, Grain & Supplements

At FarmHill, we feed your horse three times a day from a hay selection that includes (at your discretionary blend) timothy grass hay, eastern orchard hay, alfalfa hay, and local grass hay.  In addition, your board includes a selection of grain products that includes (again at your discretionary blend) rolled oats, Haystack Special Blend, and Safe Choice Special Care, all fed to your horse once or twice a day, at your direction.  To these grain products, you are invited to add whatever vitamins and supplement you wish to feed your horse.

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Riding Facilities

At FarmHill, you have a choice of four arenas in which to work your horse: 

• 60’ x 120’ indoor arena with lights, mirrors, and shredded cedar bark ("hog-fuel") footing.

• 100’ x 300’ outdoor full-court dressage arena with a full drainage system and chipped cedar footing, with Working Equation obstacles. 

• 100' x 200' outdoor jump arena with a full drainage system and a mixture of granulated rubber and sand footing.

• Two 60’ diameter round pens with a mixture of granulated rubber and sand footing, one of which is lighted and covered. 

We also offer our riders the option of meandering along the paths through our additional 5 acres of wooded property that contains log obstacles, a small stream, and other elements that are ideal for developing a cross-country course in the future. 

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Other Amenities

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Your FarmHill board includes a variety of additional amenities, all of which are designed to enhance your boarding experience.  These include:

• 1 tack locker, approximately 3’w x 3’d x 6’h, for each horse you board

• 6 full grooming racks, that include

• 2 hot water wash racks

• a full-size refrigerator/freezer for storing your medicines, ice boots, etc.

• an enclosed storage area for your vitamins and supplements

• a full bathroom with shower stall, coffee/tea station, and toiletries

• affordable on-site horse blanket service, with weekly pick-up and delivery

Our stalls at FarmHill are bedded with the highest quality bedding pellets, a bedding material that guarantees the maximum sanitation for your horse’s indoor accommodations. The use of bedding pellets also permits us to fulfill our goal of environmental responsibility, by allowing us to fully compost all our bedding waste onsite, creating an organic compost that we later use in the annual reseeding of our grass turnouts.

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