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At FarmHill, we pride ourselves in our collaborative lesson and training program.  We offer the best of instruction and training in the various disciplines of equitation, and all of our instructors work together enthusiastically, enabling you and your horse to achieve your best possible partnership in whatever equestrian disciplines you enjoy.

Suzan Davis Atkinson Dressage at FarmHill

Winner of the 2016 Oregon Dressage Society Instructor of the Year Award!

FarmHill is thrilled to offer Suzan Davis Atkinson as the lead trainer of our dressage program. Certified by the British Horse Society and an FEI rider — the highest level of our sport — Suzan is a master trainer of equine and equestrian development, including the invaluable skills of ground work, long-lining, and in-hand work.

Suzan Davis Atkinson

Jana Peterson Photography

Suzan grew up on the back of a horse. Her experiences in horse training, competing, and teaching, both as a teenager and young adult, fueled her interest to become a certified professional instructor and trainer. Suzan made the decision to move to Europe to further her education and attended Curland Equestrian Enterprises where she trained and passed two separate certifications through the British Horse Society — the HorseMasters and Instructors degrees. After completing her training and passing all exams, Suzan moved back home to California, where she had the wonderful opportunity to continue her education through the years with various national and international top trainers such as:

· Olympic Coach, Melle Von Brugen
· Olympic Event Rider for Britain, Mary Hunter
· Olympic Dressage Rider and Judge, Hilda Gurney
· Olympic Rider for Spain, Juan Matute
· Olympic Rider and Coach, Sandy Pfleuger-Phillips
· FEI Rider, Charlotte Bredahl-Baker
· Author and Trainer, Mary Wanless
· Classical Dressage Trainer from Portugal, Vitor Silva
· Author and Trainer, Sylvia Loch
· Major Anders Lundgren

Suzan's Training Philosophy

Susan long-lining

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Based on over 40 years of professional experience in the teaching and training of horses and riders — beginning with that moment of starting a young horse and continuing all the way up to the FEI levels — Suzan is a trainer who has the unique ability to create a harmonious working partnership between her students and their horses. She reads the horse, listens to the rider, and quickly assesses what is needed. Her understanding of both equine and human biomechanics results in suppleness, throughness, and ultimately deep relaxation, giving expressive beauty to each horse. Suzan is also a true master in the art of long-lining and all related in-hand techniques, employing these to produce excellent dressage movement, all the way to the training of piaffe and passage. Everyone who has participated in Suzan’s training program has quickly come to appreciate how her integrative approach can offer enormous benefits to every rider and every horse, regardless of breed, history, equestrian discipline, or level of expertise. Focusing on the essential elements of equine development, Suzan has helped us reach, with swiftness and joy, a remarkable level of achievement with all of our horses.

In every aspect of her work, the most important component in Suzan’s philosophy is the relationship and communication between the horse and rider, with strong emphasis on biomechanics. Suzan focuses on allowing, rather than forcing. If something in a horse or rider isn’t moving in a forward and fluid way, Suzan teaches us to both see (on the long-lines) and feel (under saddle) where and how the movement is being impeded. Once the impediments to fluid movement are identified, Suzan teaches us to find the specific forms of exercise, both on the lines and under saddle, that allow the horse and rider to move with balance, energy, and ease.

Suzan teaching a lesson under saddle

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Suzan has taught us that ground work and long-lining are crucial in this approach to training, because they enable us to see the difference between balance and imbalance in our horses’ movements. That way, we can more easily identify what kind of exercises will be effective in restoring balance and fluidity to our horses. In addition, long-lining allows a horse to move in this balanced way (which is often a new way of going for the horse), without the burden of a rider on its back during the initial period of adjustment and conditioning.

Once Suzan has taught us how to use our long-lining aids to achieve balance and forward fluidity in our horses, she has shown us that it is relatively easy to translate those aids into their counterparts in the saddle — long-lines translating to hands, and voice and lunge-whip translating to seat and legs.

We have found that the combination of seeing these changes on the ground, and feeling these improvements under saddle, has greatly accelerated and improved the progress that we and our horses have made. Best of all, Suzan’s approach allows us and our horses to progress with a deep sense of allowing, rather than resorting to the techniques of force that have become so common in many forms of equestrian training.

Suzan’s years of experience have given her the opportunity to train horses and educate students to the path of winning numerous Regional, National, All Breed and World Championships in the disciplines of Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers, and Eventing.

We are thrilled to have the honor of offering the training program of Suzan Davis Atkinson at FarmHill. If you would like to participate in or audit a lesson with Suzan, please contact us here.

Rebecca Buehler – Dressage Training and Equine Care

Rebecca Buehler

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FarmHill is honored and delighted to count Rebecca Buehler as a core member of our training team. Rebecca brings to us a rare combination of dressage and jump experience that is perfectly suited to FarmHill’s integrated training program. She provides dressage lessons that are congruent with the training program endorsed by our lead dressage trainer, Suzan Davis Atkinson. Rebecca also rides and trains the FarmHill horses whose owners would like to improve their dressage training and maintain their dressage-level conditioning.

In addition, Rebecca provides a variety of equine care to the FarmHill horses, including medicating, leg-wrapping, hand-walking, clipping and bathing, so that their owners have more time for riding and pampering their horses.

Rebecca earned her stripes working at several important training barns, including Brooke Voldbaek’s dressage program at Sonnenberg Farm, Anna Collier’s eventing program at Vossenberg Farm, and the Yorkshire Riding Centre in Harrogate, England. Her increased focus on dressage was recently rewarded by the USDF with a bronze medal and she has participated in the USDF Instructor/Trainer Program.

Rebecca on Stretch

Photo by Suzan Davis Atkinson

Rebecca is an outstanding teacher and horsewoman, as well as a superb rider and trainer of horses. Having achieved both her ‘A’ rating from the U.S. Pony Club and her Stage 3 Exam in the British Horse Society, Rebecca is currently a regional instructor with the U.S. Pony Club (Oregon Region), and she also brings us the benefit of her experience working as an equine veterinary assistant with one of our favorite FarmHill vets.

Rebecca offers FarmHill the benefits of her combined skills as a dressage and jump trainer and teacher, and her expertise in all aspects of equine care.  We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have Rebecca as a member of our FarmHill training team!   Contact Rebecca directly to arrange for her to train, exercise, or provide other care for your horse at FarmHill or for dressage lessons that are congruent with Suzan's training program. Read more about Rebecca in this article, originally published in The Chronicle of the Horse (September 22, 2014) and this article, originally published in Flying Changes magazine (January 2015).

Mikaela Kuiper of MK Eventing

Mikaela Kuiper

FarmHill is extremely happy to welcome Mikaela Kuiper to our team of riding teachers and horse trainers! Mikaela began her career as soon as her legs were long enough to reach a pair of child stirrups, and she has spent most of her life in the saddle ever since. Throughout her life, being a horse trainer and a riding instructor is all she has ever wanted to do.

Building on the solid base that Pony Club provides, Mikaela subsequently served as a working student for several of our region’s most successful trainers, including the national eventing competitor Anna Collier, and the national dressage competitor Jessica Wisdom. She is currently training in eventing with Anna Collier at Vossenberg Farm, and in dressage with Suzan Davis Atkinson at FarmHill, with the goal of making Suzan’s methods the foundation of her own approach to dressage.

Mikaela herself has competed in three-day eventing through Preliminary, and she has shown up to 3’6” in Hunters and 1.20 meters in Jumpers. Once a Pony Club kid herself, Mikaela now coaches kids and adults who compete in shows and events sponsored by Pony Club…as well as shows and events sponsored by larger hosting organizations.

Mkaela Kuiper

Photo by Niki Cornell

In addition, Mikaela has found that she has an affinity for off-the-track thoroughbreds, a passion she discovered when she worked at the track galloping the young racehorses. Since then, Mikaela has made part of her living by retraining former racehorses and selling them as happy partners for amateur and professional riders.

Mikaela says that she is happiest when she helps people achieve their goals for partnership with their horses, whether it is through buying the horse that is right for them, finding a new home for a horse that is not their best match, or working in lessons to achieve their goals for equestrian partnership. For all these reasons, we are extremely fortunate to have Mikaela join our FarmHill training and teaching team! Contact Mikaela directly to talk to her about lessons or training for your horse.


In Memoriam: Harriet Hauser (1952-2014)

It was with great sadness that we bid farewell to our beloved dressage trainer, Harriet Hauser, who passed away unexpectedly in her sleep on November 18, 2014.  Harriet’s compassionate and effective approach was based on her decades of training under dressage luminaries such as Dietrich von Hopffgarten, Mary Judkins, Peter DeCosemo, Bettina Drummond, Pierre Cousyn, Nicola Stauder, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann and Suzan Davis Atkinson.  Our ongoing programs of dressage and equine care still very much reflect Harriet’s training philosophy, which she expressed in everything she said and did, and which are we proud to quote here:

Harriet Hauser

“In terms of training horses, I value calmness above all, and with that, a willingness to take however much time it takes, even if it means postponing your own agenda for the training. And then you must convince your horse, with equal amounts of firmness and kindness that /he can move forward without restriction.  In addition to the wonderful trainers I’ve had a chance to learn from, I have to say that the horses I’ve ridden have taught me my most important lessons – compassion, patience, and kindness.  With regard to teaching dressage to riders, I believe that first and foremost, I must be calm and positive.  I focus on the points of progress in the rider and horse, in order to build their confidence and competence, individually and as a team.  Beyond that, I am always looking for new ways to describe what I’ve learned, because an image that works for me may not work for a given student.  In that sense, I often find that my students are my best teachers.  Overall, I’d say that what I love most about dressage is the partnership that we develop with our horses when we’re willing to listen to what they have to tell us.”

Read more about Harriet in this article originally published by Flying Changes magazine (May 2008).

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